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We had gotten older. Our lives were full yet something inside me felt empty. Yes, we had had our fun in the past but it seemed that we were now just living the same day over and over again. Our children had grown and moved out of home and now it was just the two of us. We were together yet so alone.

Having children young had been a blessing in a way. Now, as our friends fought through the teenage years with their own brood we could just reminisce on it all. It was nice to be just us once more. But, all in all, I wanted that spark back. I needed it. I yearned for the days when we were all over each other, our teenage years when it was all hot and romantic all the time. Where had that disappeared to?

I accepted that things were not going to change quickly. I looked to romance novels and the like in order to satisfy my desires in a different sort of way. But Will had something different in mind. Little did I know that in the near future we would steal that spark back and maybe, just maybe, try something entirely new and out of our comfort zone. It was time for that change. I wanted it more than anything.

I came home from work one day and found the house seemingly empty.

“Hello?” I called out, but there was no response. I made the way to our bedroom and opened the door, only to find Will laying on the bed with a present wrapped up for none other than myself.

“What is this?” I asked. He just laughed and gestured for me to open it. I did immediately and what I found inside made my heart skip a beat.

It was a lace one piece lingerie set with an open crotch. There was no secret to what he wanted from me now. He had gone out specifically to buy sexy lingerie just for me.

“I thought you would look sexy in that. I wanted to have a… special night with you. Maybe we could start to spice things up a bit and have a bit more fun now that the kids are moved out of home.” he said just what I had been thinking all these months. I ran to the bathroom and undressed, trying on the bodysuit lingerie. It fit like a glove. It hugged all my curves and left me feeling, well, sexy for once.

I walked slowly back to the bedroom. I opened the door and looked at him, still on the bed. He looked me up and down, biting his lip as if he was trying to hold himself back from ravishing me. He stood slowly and made his way over to where I stood by the door. He took me in his strong arms and kissed me passionately. That was the first day of the rest of our lives and since then my kinky lingerie collection has certainly grown exponentially! Who knew something so simple could be such a turn on.

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